007 A View To A Kill - Solution?

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007 A View To A Kill - Solution?

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I am trying to find a solution / walkthrough to 'A View To A Kill' ('Dangereusement Vôtre' for the French version, a James Bond 007 game developed by Severn Software: https://www.oric.org/software/dangereus ... ill-1.html

I didn't have any luck looking through this forum or in the forums of oric.org, and was also unsuccessful at finding any info on Google: the only info I could find concerns the Spectrum and C64 versions, which are totally different.

Therefore, I'd be grateful if anyone could provide a complete or partial solution to the 2 parts of the game (City Hall escape, and Mine escape) so I can eventually get through with it some 35 years later!!! :)
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