Ethernet card for Twilighte board

This is the right place to discuss on how to implement hardware vsync, adding a VIA or AY chipset, puting multiple roms, or how to design a new flash expansion card.
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Ethernet card for Twilighte board

Post by jede »

It's not a secret because i showed this at the ceo meeting in Paris

but now we can add an ethernet card on the Twilighte board, and software is in work in progress, but here are the informations

It's a real ethernet card and can be plugged on a little router to have wifi network :

* 40KB/sec from network to RAM
* 23KB/sec from network to sdcard/usb key.

It's impossible to have quicker bandwith, because 6502 limits a lot the bandwith with its 1Mhz

Work in progress :
* Resolver
* GUI interface
* dig
* telnetd (telnet server)
* curl
* tools to configure net work.

... and others tools

Starting network :


dig :


Configuration tool :


For more informations, you can contact me by mail.
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Re: Ethernet card for Twilighte board

Post by xahmol »

Nice! Now did not do much with my Twilighte card for a year or so due to other projects, but can this be fitted with all present Twilighte cards as well?
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Re: Ethernet card for Twilighte board

Post by Dbug »

Is the TCP/IP stack/pipelining/buffering and all network handling performed by the Twilighte board with like a simplified API to use on the Oric side?
Basically, if you wanted to do a simple networked game, how much memory would be used, and how much CPU usage?
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Re: Ethernet card for Twilighte board

Post by ibisum »

Awesome work, jede - as usual! Time to dust off my Twilighte board and catch up with you..
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