Cobra Soft big boxes falling into pieces

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Cobra Soft big boxes falling into pieces

Post by Symoon »

This weekend I decided to re-make WAV files of all my Cobra Soft originals in order to test them with Cobr2tap.exe

Among 11 of them, two of the VHS-like white boxes litterally fell into pieces when I tried to open them: the plastic is dry and simply pulling a little to try and open breaks it and makes a LOT of tiny plastic pieces.
They are stored in a cardbox, in a dry room inside a house, couldn't do better.

Does anyone know if there's a way to prevent the plastic from drying, or do we have to accept this the fate of some plastic boxes after 38 years?
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Re: Cobra Soft big boxes falling into pieces

Post by Dbug »

I've only three of these (Cobra Pinball, Formule 1, Meurtre a Grande Vitesse), and as far as I can see, both the external white case and the small white plastic form that keep the tape inside are in ok condition, did not break when I opened them to test.
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