Posting rules updates

In this forum you can write about anything that does not fit in other forums.
This includes generic Oric talkings and things that are totaly unrelated but want to share with people here :)
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Posting rules updates

Post by Dbug »

Hello everybody.

In order to keep this forum a useful resource for anyone, now and in the future, I would like the following things to be addressed:

- Follow-up messages on issues or related issues should be posted on the same thread. If you are trying to convert a WAV to a TAP, don't post a message for each of the issues you are having, make a single thread with a proper name (ex: "Trouble using WAV to TAP" or "Issues with file attachments on the forum") but don't create a new thread for each issue you encounter on the process if they are related.

- Don't hijack threads for your self promotion or non-related issues, even if you think it's funny. If a thread is about archiving of missing games, it's for the archiving of missing games... like games that were released and for some reasons were not on in tosec, that does not imply you should link your own projects there.

- Don't push your own agendas down the throat of people: You prefer Linux over Windows? You prefer CC65 over LCC65? You think Python is better C++? Or that Gimp is a better choice than Photoshop? Sure, you are totally entitled to have this opinion, and it's even fine to answer ONE message with a suggestion when somebody is struggling with an issue and that changing to something else can help. One. Not two or three or sixty seven messages please.

tldr; Stay focused and don't post randomly.