New plugin for Total Commander, view DSK

Anything related to the tools Tap2Wav, Tap2CD, Tap2Dsk, Sedoric Disc Manager, Tape Header Creator, WriteDsk, and generaly speaking tools related to the management of Oric data files and devices.
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New plugin for Total Commander, view DSK

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hello, how are you all

I am new to the forum, I did not find the thread of presentations, so I come over here, my name is Luis Fernandez, usually am in the forum, because my language is Spanish.
I connect with you to tell you that I'm doing a Plugin for Total Commander, to see virtual disks ORIC
And remove the first version in ... 6bdba4dea4

Is integrated with a plug-in of Radio Shack Color Computer and Dragon, as it uses the same extension DSK, for being the first version must have flaws, besides not record and not getting the basic text, soon things will make it .

I hope you like

I'm also trying to communicate with Oric Explorer autoor a magnificent yet unfinished agenda.

I have something with my CoCoDskUtil, but is really bad, lol
old a version here, I have to order me, lol

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