dflat language update

This is the best place to discuss about the various Oric operating systems like Sedoric, Randos, FT-Dos, and others, as well as serious software, utilities, word processors, disassemblers, etc... that runs on oric computers.
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Re: dflat language update

Post by ibisum »

I'll for sure try it on a real Oric as soon as its possible.

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Re: dflat language update

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ibisum wrote:
Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:15 pm
I'll for sure try it on a real Oric as soon as its possible.
Ok! I have uploaded source to GitHub. Specifically the emulator is in the folder Oric-DFLAT\emulator\

So you can copy that whole folder and to run Oric dflat - else you could also just copy these files to your local Oricutron installation:
- oricutron.cfg (override Pravetz with dflat ROM and starts this machine by default)
- roms\dflat.pch (patch file needed for load/save to tape)
- roms\dflat.rom (the actual ROM)
- dfprogs\ (contains some programs)
- tapes\ (contains dflat .tap and .wav files)
- Util\ (contains source for the utilities listed below)
- dftap2txt.exe
- dftxt2tap.exe
- dftap2wav.exe (only need this to make a wav to load in a real Oric)

So once you have Oric dflat running and assuming you have kept the files above, then try this;
- type : load "tet.tap" [dflat will load 41 blocks of program]
- type : _start() [dflat will run the Tetris demo game]

Cursor keys and space are used for control;
- On game start, quickly press Left to turn off music! (Right to turn back on if you somehow want to hear more :-D )
- Press space to play a game
- In game, Left/Right control shape position, Space rotates clockwise and Down drops the shape rapidly
- In high score, Up/Down selects a character, Right/Left moves to adjacent character, Space to complete

Happy to take questions - of course like most of us I have to balance my work, home and Oric development time :-)

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