The First 1997 Oric demo by DBug

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The First 1997 Oric demo by DBug

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I finally found again the tap file with the first oric demo from Dbug I had.

Something bother me, the tape I have and the video we can found on youtube have some similarity, but are not the same one, different intro, the scroller is not exactly the same and no sound on the YT one.

The youtube video:

I've attached the tap file to this post.


This demo, which is not the most impressive one now, was the first I ever saw on an Oric, I found it with the Macintosh euphoric port from Richard Banister, and I was speechless with seeing it, especially due to the music, I had never ever ear an Oric able to produce such sound, I (still never had it to run on real hardware though) and it have a small and nice bug, if you press the NMI button the sound engine is still running, and the BASIC ROM also which seemed absolutly crazy at that time, I suspected that the music was on the wav file or just a cheat from the emulator that played the music but wasn't really the oric hardware that played it...
Mega Demo.tap
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