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hmm, not as much as i'd have liked or half imagined. about 2160 versus old 2400 bytes. However not written player and tested with that yet so may still have missed something.

However the format is very compact, much more compact than V1.XX compiler.
The compiler converts the existing patterns into a single list of up to 128 patterns. Each pattern is also assigned a flag to say which channel it represents. This channel is 0(for S,EGC and N columns),1,2 or 3(for Channels A to C). Doing it this way permits a maximum of 32 unique patterns designed in Wave 1.XX or 2.XX to be compiled.
The only disadvantage is a potential reduction in playback speed as we must process up to 4 channels instead of 1. However this may not be noticed because the old player would have dealt with all columns in one go including Rests which are noe much more scarce.

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