Sonix Chip Trackers (Overview)

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Sonix Chip Trackers (Overview)

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Sonix was a series of Chip and Sample Trackers.
All were based on Events,Patterns, Ornaments(Pitch Effect) and Volume Sequences (3.40 & 3.42 referred to them as Samples) framework.

Sonix 2.00
SoundTracker 3 Channel Sample Tracker which u can get here...
Sonix 3.2
The original Chip Tracker (No Envelope Generator control) which u can get here...
Sonix 3.40
The original Chip Tracker with some fixes(No Envelope Generator control)
Sonix 3.42
Updated to enable all channels on start up (No Envelope Generator control).
Sonix 4.00
Updated to handle Sample (Single channel) and envelope Generator.
Samples (5Khz only) and/or Envelope Tones could be played on any channel. You can get it here...

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